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Inside Out

Inside Out: Our annual campaign to prevent suicide

This September Inside Out is back, across the month we are encouraging you to wear an item of clothing Inside Out. In doing this you can help spark conversations and highlights the importance of talking - bringing what’s on the Inside, Out.

By taking part in Inside Out you will be helping spread our live saving message and helping to prevent suicide.

There is always a way and it often starts with getting whats on the Inside, Out. That's why our Inside Out campaign was created to bring awareness of the issues surrounding mental health. Suicide turns lives Inside Out, we want you to bring the conversation from the Inside, Out.

Bring what’s on the Inside, Out #AskMeWhy

In September we’re encouraging you to wear an item or items of clothing Inside Out. Post a photo on your social media channels and be sure to tag us and use the hashtags #AskMeWhy #GoInsideOut2023 

This simple act sparks conversation, and just might save a life by helping someone to open up about mental health and suicide. 

The Bigger Picture

We want Inside Out to reach as many people as possible, whether they are struggling with their own mental health or just wish to bring the much needed attention to suicide prevention.

We’re asking people to join the conversation, make a donation, and help save lives.

Spread the word, support the cause, save a life. Please be sure to tag us in any photos you take for Inside Out and use the hashtags #AskMeWhy #GoInsideOut2023

Why the Inside Out campaign is so important

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