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Mission 135

On average, every death by suicide affects up to 135 people.

That means in 2023, more than 753,000 people were affected by suicide in the UK.

Our mission is to support the 135 affected by preventing the 1 from taking their life.  

What is Mission 135?

Mission 135 is our year-long campaign to raise vital funds and awareness for suicide prevention and bereavement support

How does Mission 135 work?

Mission 135 is split into three 'pillars': Network 135, Club 135, and Team 135. 

Put simply...

Network 135 - For businesses
Club 135 - For fundraisers
Team 135 - For donations

You can find out more about each pillar below 

How can I get involved?

You can get involved with Mission 135 in many ways!

If you're an individual or group of mates who want to take on a challenge or host a bake sale, Club 135 is the place for you. Simply head on over to our Club 135 page and you can start raising money right away!

For businesses we're looking to work closely in collaboration with you as part of Network 135 to not only raise vital funds, but to help you and your business meet its CSR objectives. You can get started by reaching out to us here.

If you would like to donate and help our founder, Matthew, get through his gruelling 800+ mile challenge of running to every Premier League ground, you can support him as part of Team 135 here

Why 135?

The 135 figure comes from research from Dr Julie Cerel in which she stated that every suicide affects, on average, 135 people.

This number does, of course, fluctuate. This is just an average. But when you line this research up with ONS suicide data from 2023, the results are startling.

This average of 135 means that in 2023 roughly 753,000 people in the UK were affected by suicide. To put that into context that's more than double the population of Sunderland... and that's almost every single year.

We believe the best way to support the 135 people affected is to prevent the 1 from taking their own life. In order to do that, we need to raise vital funds in order to maintain our outstanding support mechanisms.

The three pillars of Mission 135

Network 135

Working in collaboration with businesses to play a key role in saving lives and supporting communities, while helping you and your teams meet your CSR objectives.We would love to work with you.

Network 135

Club 135

From coffee mornings and crafts to press ups, poker nights, and garden parties. With Club 135 how you raise money is completely up to you. Whether you kayak, crochet, climb, or karaoke, we want you to get involved and join the club.

Club 135

Team 135

Our founder's gruelling challenge to run to every single 2024/25 Premier League ground. Help make the 800+ miles worthwhile by supporting Matthew below.

Team 135

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