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Samantha Mcghin

An image of Samantha Mcghin

In April 2011 my world crumbled when i found my husband had taken his own life.  My head was in bits not only with questions, what ifs and why's but how on earth will we carry on.  Ronnie was a loving Dad and a great friend to so many but still didnt find anyone to speak to, men didn't have depression! Ronnie was amazing.  I struggled a lot when he left, if it wasn't for shirley and If U Care Share i'd of been lost, there was not one bit of support out there at the time.  Not knowing the emotions that made me feel insane were actually 'normal' they gave me the support emotionally, mentally and practically.  Still today you have moments and life's struggles seem harder than others, but then see shirley, dean, matt and ben powering through together that it keeps you going day by day.  

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