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Ged Lydon

An image of Ged Lydon
Ged was the most amazing man, a loving husband and dad, brother and friend to so many. So loud, dynamic, funny and kind. Loved to have a laugh , and a pint with his friends and loved his holidays. Will never forget the day the bottom fell out of my world, I miss him so very much. He was the love of my life and I’m so grateful that we had near to ten years together. He thought nobody liked him and there were near to 600 at his funeral. It goes to show the distortion that goes on in people’s heads. He had struggled with mental health for a long time but it only became apparent how much and for how long until afterwards as he didn’t want to burden anyone. He thought he was not resilient but to struggle from his twenties through to the age of 53 well he definitely was. My heart goes out to anyone reading this who have lost someone to suicide as it is the most brutal loss, you will experience such a rollercoaster but please speak to someone if you are having a bad day and get outside for a walk too, it helps. Love and miss you too much Geddy, you’re my best bulb in the box xxxxxxxxxxxx
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