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Dean Langley

An image of Dean Langley

I lost my youngest son Dean to suicide on 25th September 2019, I can not describe the devastation I felt, Dean was my joy in life, growing up he was a beautiful soul, very kind and thoughtful and loving, the nursery teachers described him as a gentle giant, and teachers worried that he could hurt his peers with kindness and cuddles lol, although Dean was one of the youngest in his year group he was one of the tallest all the way through his school years and looked out for the others at school and throughput his life. He had a few setbacks in life but he came through them, as strong as ever, but his biggest ever achievement and by far the most precious gift he could have left us with was when he became a dad himself on 18/05/2019 to a gorgeous healthy baby boy our grandson and nephew Dalton the absolute image of his daddy, I still struggle with this as I wonder how could he have left this beautiful thing he helped create, Dean was obviously suffering way more than any of us ever realised, but that’s it none of us realised anything was wrong. I love and miss him unbelievable amounts but I have, WE have a blessing to love and nurture who will be told everything about his daddy, and we will encourage him to talk about his feelings and never hold anything back To let What’s on the Inside Out

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