Inside out is a national campaign, launched in 2014 to mark Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of talking by bringing what is on the inside, out.

People rarely share how they feel, help us to get what’s on the inside out for Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day.

Turn your clothes inside out and start a conversation on 10th September. #AskMeWhy


We believe that suicide literally turns lives ‘inside out’, so we want YOU to turn an item of clothing inside out and wear our #askmewhy sticker on 10th September, Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day, in order to start a conversation about how we feel. 


You can also help us to share the message further. Why not donate? Text IFUCARESHARE TO 70085 TO DONATE £5

Why not help us out on the day? Give our team a call and get involved!