Daniel O’Hare was 19 years of age when, without any warning, he took his own life. He had no previous history of mental health problems nor had he shown any outward signs of his intentions.

Daniel was a normal young man, who was extremely popular and well known in his local community. He had a large amount of friends and a family that loved him dearly. He enjoyed football, spending time with friends and socialising. Daniel also had a job managing a family online retail business. To this day his family remain devastated by their loss and are still no nearer to understanding Daniel’s choice.

Daniel’s brothers Matthew and Ben, along with his cousin Sarah (then aged 10, 5 and 13) hoped to do something positive to try and prevent another family suffering a similar experience. They wanted to create a lasting memory to Daniel and started If U Care Share.

"Our aim is to prevent anyone feeling the pain we felt as a family when we lost Daniel. We truly believe that talking can save lives". Shirley Smith (Founder & Daniel's Mother)

They designed a wristband that carried our message “If U Care Share” to encourage young people to “SHARE” their problems instead of burying them within.

After receiving support from Suzanne, a family friend who also happened to be a Samaritan, the children began to raise awareness and fundraised for this organisation. They eventually accumulated over £48,000, which was used for young people’s projects within the Samaritan’s North East region.

Now If U Care Share Foundation (IUCSF) is a Charity (Reg. Charity Number 1142001) in its own right.

It has 3 main aims: prevention, intervention and support of those bereaved by suicide.