Help a friend

How will I know if my friend is feeling down? 

Obviously, people all react to stressful or traumatic situations and express themselves differently. Something that makes no difference to one person can really affect the happiness of another. Sometimes there is no obvious reason that someone may be struggling and that’s perfectly normal. Some of the signs to look out for are:

*If you tick any of these boxes please call an emergency contact

How can I help a friend?

Feedback from our EAMH sessions in schools and football clubs tells us that almost half of the young people we have worked with are most likely to open up to their friends about how they are feeling. We know that sometimes talking to a friend is easier than a family member or another adult as they don’t always seem to understand. But you can make a difference! Never underestimate the power of a conversation; the smallest gesture or talk can have a huge impact on someone’s life!

What should I do if someone comes to me for help?

Remember, you may be the first person they have decided to open up to. This could be a pretty big deal and likely took a great deal of courage for them to say. Asking for help is a show of strength and can be a first step on the road to recovery. Therefore it is important that you remember to: 

It is important to make sure you don't: