Our emotional and mental health (EAMH) workshops are hour-long presentations aimed at young people between the ages of 13-24.

Designed by young people, for young people, the EAMH addresses the effects of emotional and mental health issues in a fun and interactive way. The workshop is devised to get young people to open up and talk about how they feel, while signposting them to where they can turn in a time of need. The two key messages are: ‘Its ok not to feel ok’ and ‘There is always a way’ as long as we SHARE how we are feeling.

This programme is intended for 24 students from a year group who have previously participated in the first EAMH workshop and takes place over four school periods.

The sessions build on some of the issues addressed in the previous presentation in a fun and interactive way. We look at various mental health issues and how we could help a friend that may be struggling with these problems. The culmination of the programme sees the students present their own lesson to a younger year group. 

EAMH Explained EAMH Explained is a 1-2 hour, informal version of the EAMH workshop aimed at adults who come into contact with young people aged 13-21.

The session explains the EAMH while examining some of the issues faced by young people and how to identify warning signs that they may be struggling.  We look at the effects of emotional and mental health problems and deliver our key messages that: ‘Its ok not to feel ok’ and ‘there is always a way.’ The workshop can be tailored to apply to teachers, parents/carers or youth workers.