Jewson inside out day - 11th October

Jewson inside out day - 11th October

On Tuesday 11th October, in order to coincide with, world mental health day (which was the day before), a number of Jewson builders’ merchant branches across the region participated in our annual “Inside Out” campaign in order to raise awareness around suicide prevention and mental health.

A spokesperson from the organisation stated:

“ Inside out Day was a fantastic opportunity and a fun way to raise the awareness of the subject of mental health across my region. Being able to spread the message that its “ OK not to be OK “ throughout my team will hopefully remind them that they work in branches, areas and a region that cares about their health and wellbeing. It was great to develop the relationship that we have with If U Care Share and to support them with the great work that they do.

If U Care Share would like to thank the organisation for taking part in this event and raising awareness around such a crucial issue

Dean Smith, the Chairman of IUCSF, said:

"We continue to be extremely grateful to Jewson for the support of our Foundation’s work and hopefully this latest campaign in the region can contribute to our partnership growing stronger in the future. To host initiatives like this in the working environment shows great commitment from all staff to raise valuable awareness around this very important issue. This also assists greatly with our ongoing work around prevention, intervention and support of those affected by suicide. Thanks to everyone involved once again - there is always a way"