Aviva Thoughts

Aviva Thoughts

As one of the founders and Chair of the If U Care Share Foundation I’m sure many people may at times get a little tired of us always ‘banging on’ about our organisation. However anyone that really knows me, my family and our fantastic staff & volunteers TRULY know why we will never stop ‘banging on’ about the importance of our work.

So let me try and put this to you another way. If you knew 1 young person who was really struggling – and I mean REALLY struggling – but they had no idea why this was the case or how to deal with this, how much time would you be prepared to invest to help them? All day? 6 hours? 1 hour? 10 minutes?

How about 2 minutes? As that is what we’re asking – just 2 minutes of your precious time that’s all. But please remember that should you choose to invest that time and support our campaign the difference it could make to a young person’s life.

Via the Aviva Community fund we can achieve this to take our ongoing work to the next level by providing young people across the North East with much needed support and resources. 

2 minutes of your time can help us further spread our 2 simple but critical messages that ‘it’s ok not to feel ok’ but ‘there is always a way’

So I think I’ve taken up enough of your time but know this – your 2 minutes of support will make a difference that could last a lifetime.


There is always a way.

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